Holiday Apartment Rental
in the Center of Malaga

Discover Living4malaga’s holiday apartments in the center of Malaga, fully equipped with exceptional amenities for an unforgettable vacation. Explore the historic heart of Malaga and enjoy events, culture, and more. Book your accommodation in the old town of Malaga and immerse yourself in history and fun.

Explore Malaga Beyond Sun and Beach

Malaga, the capital of the Costa del Sol, offers much more than beautiful beaches and sunny weather. If you’re passionate about history, culture, gastronomy, or simply enjoy a pleasant atmosphere, you’ll find the ideal place for your vacation.

Explore the Historic Center of Malaga

Malaga is one of the oldest cities in Andalusia and Spain. Its historic center is a treasure trove filled with churches, monuments, museums, and palaces of great cultural and artistic value, as well as charming pedestrian streets and squares. Strolling through its cobbled streets is like taking a step back in time, immersing yourself in the city’s rich history.

Points of Interest in the Center of Malaga

In the heart of the city, you’ll find places with significant historical value, such as the majestic Alcazaba, the imposing Gibralfaro Castle, the Roman Theater with tales of centuries past, the impressive Malaga Cathedral with its unique architecture, the iconic Plaza de la Merced brimming with culture, the colorful Atarazanas Market awakening your senses, the charming Calle Granada, and much more. Every corner of Malaga’s center tells a fascinating story.

Culture in the Historic Center

Culture enthusiasts can visit a variety of popular museums without leaving the historic center, such as the renowned Picasso Museum, housing an extensive collection of works by the Malaga-born genius, the Carmen Thyssen Museum taking you through art history, and the Contemporary Art Center of Malaga (CAC Malaga) immersing you in modern and contemporary art. Each museum is a cultural treasure to discover.

Enjoy a Stroll in the Center

Take a pleasant walk along charming pedestrian streets, the Paseo del Parque leading to the seashore, and Muelle Uno, which leads you to the port and the Malagueta beach. Each step allows you to appreciate the harmony between the city and the sea, enjoying Malaga’s warm sunshine.

Life in the Center of Malaga

If you stay in one of our tourist apartments in the center of Malaga, you’ll experience a vibrant environment filled with terraces, bars, and restaurants. The streets come to life, and the gastronomic offerings are diverse and delicious. Explore the city’s charming corners and immerse yourself in its authentic Andalusian atmosphere. From traditional tapas to high-end cuisine, Malaga caters to all tastes.

Events in the Center of Malaga

The center of Malaga is the hub for important events, such as the Malaga Fair, a celebration full of color and music that attracts visitors from around the world. Holy Week is another iconic festivity in Malaga, with impressive processions parading through the historic center. Moreover, during Christmas, the Christmas lights have become a national and international reference, transforming the city into a magical place. By booking with Living4malaga, you’ll be at the heart of all the activities and festivities.

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Living4malaga is a company with 12 years of experience, specializing in the management of tourist apartments. It offers a wide variety of vacation accommodations in the heart of Malaga, an unbeatable location, to experience up close the essence and authenticity of this wonderful city. Staying with us provides you with an opportunity to wake up every day of your vacation surrounded by the city’s history. Find charming vacation accommodation in the center of Malaga and choose yours at the best price.