Sanitary measures adopted

From Living4Malaga, we want to guarantee to all of our guests, that we will adopt extraordinary security and hygiene measures against COVID-19:

  • 24H security period between every stay
  • Our apartments are disinfected according to the protocol established by the Spanish Goverment on its good practices guide for workers and accommodations at the tourism industry.
  • As a complementary measure, once the apartments are cleaned according to the disinfection protocols, we use portable ozone generators to get a complete disinfection of all our apartments and facilities. According to the World Health Organization, the ozone is the most efficient disinfectant for all types of microorganisms.
  • Bed linen and towels are washed in hot cycles by an industrial laundry.
  • All the members of our staff have been trained on the COVID-19 labour risks prevention.
  • Compulsory use of the individual equipment protection by our staff, such as gloves, face masks and hydro-alcoholic gel dispensers.
  • We want to welcome you in the safest way, this is why we have installed screens on our reception desk and we will make use of ultraviolet lamps to disinfect the keys you will collect upon arrival.

About our industrial laundry

We work with the best laundry companies, which use an ozone injection during the washing process. It is an unique process in Málaga with a proven succesful result against corona type virus, and generally, against all types of viruses, fungi and bacteria.

Due to its high rusting capacity, it is proven that ozone destroys microorganisms walls. Moreover, ozone causes damages to the components of the nucleic acids (DNA and RNA), therefore, a total microorganism destruction is achieved.

The used washing process is approved by the Instituto Técnico Español de Limpieza (ITEL)