Feria de Málaga

The Malaga Fair “La Feria de Málaga” is an event that is celebrated every year in the city of Malaga, Andalusia. Also known as Feria de Agosto, it is a date that can’t be missed for anybody from Málaga and the city fills up with tourists and visitors to join 9 days of activities, and cultural events and most importantly, to have a good time at the rhythm of music and accompanied by the typical sweet wine of Feria, the Cartojal.

The Malaga Fair 2023 begins on August 17 and lasts until August 24. The big party begins every year, the night before, with fireworks on the Malagueta beach, which each year brings together thousands of people to enjoy this wonderful beginning of the fair week.

The Malaga Fair is a traditional event that has a tradition of almost six centuries when the Catholic Monarchs took this city and made it part of the Crown of Castile. Since then, the city council organizes a celebration of the taking of the city, annually on August 15. As a tribute to history and tradition, on the last day of the Fair, a historical parade is held to commemorate the entrance of the Catholic Monarchs into Malaga.

The Malaga Fair takes place in two areas. In the centre of Malaga and in the Cortijo de Torres.  

The historic centre of Malaga is where the so-called Day Fair is held. The starting point is the famous Larios Street where the entrance of the Fair is installed. The streets are filled with people in traditional costumes and flamenco dresses. The downtown fair is the most popular among visitors to the city. The streets of the centre are filled with music, drink, food and typical decoration.

The Cortijo de Torres fair offers visitors a wide variety of attractions and activities for all tastes. The typical Ferris wheel that can be seen from various points of the town, stalls with raffles and games, food or the typical fritters and baked potatoes. And what can not be missed are the typical fair booths with drinks, food and all kinds of music. The fairground fair offers parties all day and all night long. Those who prefer to party when the sun goes down and the temperatures drop a little, have their date with the fair of Cortijo de Torres, with the fair that is also called the night fair.

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